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With the advent of the various mobile messaging applications, there has been an extensive ad significant revolution in the application market. The companies having realized the importance of the mobile platform have decided to open up and grow in terms of technology as well. Almost all of the mobile messengers today work on cross platform and are compatible to use on almost all operating systems. WeChat is another endeavor in the field to give mobile messaging application a new face.

Developed by the Chinese investment company Tencent, it is a prowess in the hosting of voice messaging.

The cross platform compatibility allows users to connect for diverse platforms to connect and meet at a place.

The 300 million registered users is a strong evidence enough to prove its popularity. The process of video calling on WeChat is just like dialing the call button on your mobile phone. It’s as easy as that. The exclusive collection of sticker available with the application is perfect for expressing your emotions clearly and simultaneously in a cool and funky way.  The voice chat facility associated with the messenger can change your pho into a walkie talkie.

The Group Chat option in the application is a magic wand which upon waving can bring all you pals together under a platform, and you can enjoy hours of conversation with the best buddies of your life. The huge collection of emoticons can make your chat even better. Makin and searching for new friends was never easier.  Simply shake your phone and lo! You have many to chose from locally or from around the globe. This is all possible n the magic jar which we call the WeChat. This option lets you connect with many users from various accounts and is an awesome time killer if you have loads of them.

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The office combines the option available with a cross-platform mobile messaging application lets you connect with users of various retail merchants, cafes and many more. All in all, the application connects you to every corner of the world.

The Look Around feature lets you connect to people and make friends locally if you are uncomfortable in making friends globally.  The cross platform compatibility is enough to connect you to people from various social networking sites under one roof. The application is free to download forever Smartphone and i phones and work smoothly on almost all operating systems.

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