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With the ongoing and everlasting competition between the various social apps and messaging platforms, each and every socializing app and media provider attempts to always provide the users with a wide variety of services, products and communicating features in order to maintain a high status amongst the others. Nevertheless, the popular messenger WeChat is definitely taking a similar approach when it comes to serving the users the best services possible and high-quality products as well. So, the Chinese messenger is reportedly planning to team up with various types of luxurious and affordable brands from all over the world in the attempt to transform the messaging app from a mere socializing platform to a bigger arena of multiple products and services.


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Obviously, the developers of the viral chatting app WeChat are diligently considering and carrying out some initial plans to expand the functionalism of the platform that’s described and perceived as not only a regular messenger but also as a wider platform that provides money transference services along with various relative contents about the daily life and the brands that are looking for users to reach. And as a result of the enormous popularity and availability of WeChat across the Asian continent and in innumerable other countries as well, many local and international brands and trademarks are seeking to form a bond with the well-known app in order to reach out to more and more customers and to present their products and services in an approachable and alluring manner. As a start, the equation that’s to be formed with WeChat depends, to a great extent, on the enitmacy of the smaller messaging communities on the platform which makes it easier to reach and attract more customers; also many brands are depending on the fact that the WeChat user can be communicated through his inbox which allows bigger opportunities for better results.

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In addition, WeChat has a great potential as a customer service representative for enormous brands, and can act as a facilitator between the two parts of the equation. Moreover, the Chinese app is willing to present many trademarks and companies the chance to give their customers an unprecedented experience by accessing special content and offers through the scanning of the QR code which also allows the trademark owners the opportunity to know more about their customers and to collect more important consumers’ data. Consequently, the combination of the WeChat partnerships with variously different brands and the availability of money payment services on the messaging platform makes the process of fulfilling the customer’s daily needs more easy and efficient.

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