WeChat official account valued at more than RMB 200 million after series A


One of the official accounts of WeChat, Yiwai11 has been set for promoting the field of fine arts, and currently declared that it has gained more than RMB valued to the 20 million in the Series A, thus putting its worth at this level, according to the local news channel report in China.

Instead of less amount of the rich population and fewer number of proficient artists, Yiwai11 points out the widened public so that it could focus on the target market. The official account has already been quite successful in promoting the fine arts throughout the China because of the new trends it introduced of transforming the dull and hard art textures into the stuff which suits the low common denominator. There is a talk show of 40 episodes related to art named “is art difficult?” which has got up to 300 million views after it was launched in 2014 while having 2.5 million peculiar views.

The financial round, carried out by Toutoushido capital, is the recent financial trend experienced among all the WeChat official accounts. All these official accounts have got as edge regarding the business worth expansion and capability to get the wide user base as very fewer prices. They are presently cashing on the platform offered by the WeChat in different ways, like selling advertising, providing various services, marketing ads, and selling products via O2O.

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Few of the most famous public accounts such as Mimeng may charge up to RMB of the value 300,000 for just one ad position while writers of many famous posts in similar public accounts may get the financial rewards via WeChat’s rewarding event. Along with this, WeChat supposedly will release the paid services for the stuff provided by the public accounts, making the new economic flows for these accounts.

The increase in the number of these official accounts has raised the investment bonanza, with even the amount of 10,000 fans who are capable of securing the multi-dimensional investments. More than two years in past, an increase in the amount of WeChat public accounts have faced the valuation pass of the RMB valued at 100 million.

Among these accounts, the Luogic Show has seen the valuation reaching to the RMB valued 1.3 billion in China last year after the completion of series B, while Yitiao11 has increased it RMB to 100 million in Series B, at the value of $200 million in China.

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