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Tencent , this is the name of Company who developed wechat app. It is the multipurpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app. It was released in 2011, and become the largest standalone app in 2018. But this app is facing ban in USA. Wechat is a Chinese app and they analyzed and monitored each and every activity of users according to Trump administration.


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That’s why Wechat has been banned in America for the past several months. The Trump administration banned wechat in august 2020. Now days the Trump administration facing setbacks in this decision. U.S. officials have called the app a threat to users and have raised the possibility that using this app will give the Chinese government access to the data of millions of American citizens. But Trump administration faced setback , During the hearing, the judge asked the Trump administration what evidence they had that the privacy of US users is at stake and the Chinese government has access to user data, due to which this extreme step had to be taken. Judge Laurel Beeler wrote the note after the wechat hearing in California.

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The government has provided little evidence to substantiate its claim that the ban has allayed the fears of all American consumers. At the request of the Justice Department, Judge Beeler has set the next hearing for October 15. So that the judges can reconsider their decision in which they blocked the implementation of the wechat order. What is wechat order, it was an order by Trump administration in which they ordered to remove wechat app from app store. An order issued by US Commerce department in which they ordered to block the app from all downloading US app store.

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Beeler’s initial decision also overturned the Commerce Department’s decision, in which transactions through this app will be restricted and its use will be very limited for the American user Beeler wrote in the decision that the government’s concern for national security is commendable and China’s activities are a threat to national security. But there is insufficient evidence to prove that banning wechat will reduce that risk. Wechat is on par with Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp in terms of usage and the app is part of the daily lives of millions of people. The wechat User Alliance praised the decision and said that it was a difficult decision.

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