WeChat Messenger Refuses Dark Mode

wechat Dark Mode

Since last year, the “Dark Mode” has become a phenomenon that every social media app and messenger is trying to introduce its users with in order to provide the best service possible for nighttime socializing shifts. Viber and Facebook Messenger are amongst the instant-messaging platforms to present the user with a suitable “Dark Mode” to make things better at night for every one.

However, it seems that not every app is eager to follow the trend and have its own “Dark Mode” for the user’s sake. The popular Chinese app WeChat still hasn’t presented its own “Dark Mode” even though the messenger has over than one billion active users from all over the world! An official commentary was released by the WeChat team advising the users not stay up very late and chat non-stop til the early morning hours!

The statement by WeChat Messenger implies that the messenger isn’t going to implement the rising nighttime feature any time soon; for all WeChat users, the optimal solution currently is to use the app only during the day – or to use another app that’s supportive of the “Dark Mode” trend. Many experts are expecting the developers of the Chinese app to change their minds very soon since the “Dark Mode” isn’t only designed to lessen the stress of the user’s eyes whilst working at night, but also it can be very beneficial for maintaining the best battery performance possible.

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However, the WeChat fan base demands that the app should introduce the rising nighttime feature for there’s no convincing reason why a popular messenger like WeChat wouldn’t flaunt an important feature like the “Dark Mode”!

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