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WeChat tips

WeChat is the product of Tencent, the Chinese telecommunications giant. The app has become really very popular these days because of the number of features that it offers. You can opt for instant messaging, voice chat, voice notes, video calls and more. Plus, you can talk randomly to anyone in the world and even find nearby WeChat users to talk to. The app has so much to offer that understanding its correct usage is important. Take a look at some of the tips that you should be using for sure.

Some Useful WeChat Tips

  1. WeChat is quite an innovative messaging app. While most of the other apps are providing you Push To Talk services, only WeChat realized that not all chats need to be transferred right away. So they give you an option to undo any Push To Talk message. Simply move up your thumb on the phone and a release to cancel button shall appear. When it does, just remove your thumb and the message will not be sent. Just a good feature for those who said anything on an impulse.
  2. You also have many official accounts on WeChat where your favorite brands, celebrities etc. can share things with you. This makes WeChat a small social network in its own right. You can search and flow these official account right on the front screen of the app. You will also keep getting new notifications about these accounts from time to time.
  3. If you own a BlackBerry phone, then you will be able to send Tzuki animated emoticons directly from your phone to your friends. This moving emoticon will become an instant hit amongst your friends and is already being loved by the entire world.
  4. You can eve use WeChat on your PC by simply scanning a QR code. Within moments, WeChat will be available on your PC’s browser. You will only have to open Then go to your mobile app and the click on scan QR code. This code will be scanned on both the devices and you will be able to use your app on both these devices with ease.
  5. You can find people to talk to near your location or anywhere in the world. With Find People nearby, you will get to say hello to people in your locality that you like. However, with Shake feature, you will be able to talk randomly to different people. You can also use Message in a Bottle feature to expect some random replies to your request.

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