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Wechat Voice Messaging

Download Wechat app and see newest function available. There is a voice messaging function available in WeChat that lets the user press a button to record a message. This is really just a different way of sending a message, instead of using the regular text messaging method. Interestingly, however, the voice message option in WeChat is not at all well received in the Chinese professional world. In fact, it is really only tolerated when a superior voice messages someone on a lower level.

If you are wondering why that is, it is simple really. Lots of professionals use the WeChat app in Chine, in place of email. If they are looking for a primary means of workplace communication, they seem to automatically choose the WeChat Messenger.

It can be bothersome, receiving several voice messages in a row, especially if you happen to be in a place that is noisy. This would mean you have to move to a quieter place, away from the noise, to hear the message. If you happen to be somewhere like a library, where noise is nearly forbidden, then you have to get your headphones out to hear the message. Furthermore, unless the person who sends the message is also in a fairly quiet area, it can still be hard to make out exactly what they are saying, forcing you to listen more than once.

Another drawback to the voice messaging feature is the fact that, since it is not in text format, it cannot be searched in the future. They also cannot be forwarded either. There is actually an option to convert audio messages to text, for ease of reading the message. In order to do that, you have to hold down the bubble. However, this is only a function with simplified Chinese and that particular version of the Messenger.

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You can neither pause a voice message, nor can you move the audio forward or backward to a different point in time. The WeChat Messenger simply does not support that functionality. If you happen to miss something, you just have to replay the entire message from the start, and start all over.

It also makes more sense to use the text messaging feature, as it takes up less data. That means voice messages could actually wind up costing the user more money if they do not have access to a WiFi connection. In reality, a voice message is about saving the sender some time, unfortunately at the recipient’s expense.

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