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With the fierce competition amongst digital apps and services to provide the masses with the best of high quality technological features, multiple apps are now looking forward to engage in powerful and beneficial partnerships that may present the users with an expanding variety of services. However, the famous Chinese messaging app, WeChat, is currently heading to form a partnership with the British healthcare platform, Babylon. As Babylon is notorious for its artificial intelligence mechanisms used to identify illness, the partnership with WeChat is going to broaden the scope of users targeted by Babylon.

The growing popularity of WeChat across the globe – and with its user’s base reaching about one billion – will enable a huge number of the app users to have access to the health and medical services provided by Babylon. The specifics of the partnership between WeChat and Babylon have not been finalized yet nor were any piece of information shared with the public. The WeChat deal is going to enable Babylon to expand further in an attempt to increase its services and go far beyond the boundaries of the local markets. 

In a statement, Babylon declared that the goal of reaching global markets has been considered for enough time; and as the company is committed to providing its health services to a wider audience, the collaboration with WeChat is going to ease the communication with international societies. Consequently, the WeChat local and global users are going to be granted many medical and health services by Babylon; for instance, the WeChat user can utilize a medical consultation with a doctor online, or he can use the symptoms-checker feature, amongst other services presented by Babylon.

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Currently, Babylon has a customer base of 1.5 million users; the collaboration with WeChat is definitely set to bring in more international users. And despite the speculations about the authentic sufficiency of the healthcare services and consultations provided by Babylon, the pressure to meet individual needs as fast and effective as possible and the issues of security maintenance of patients private information, more digital apps, such as WeChat, are willing to experiment and introduce a bundle of new online healthcare features, alongside the ordinary messaging and social communication features.

As WeChat had presented similar healthcare services to its users prior to the collaboration with Babylon – WeChat partnered with a Chinese healthcare and medical services provider called We Doctor – the viral app is repeating the experience but this time via a more advanced technological healthcare services provider. So, if you’re looking for an easy and quick health or medical consultation, you may want to check the healthcare services provided by WeChat immediately.

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