How Smartphones improve our Lives


In your everyday life, you have done many non-productive and stupid things by using your smartphones, such as capturing hundreds of selfies or following different social media platforms. And you usually forget that these small sized devices are more than just a smart device. They have a complete world of their own which when integrates with your lifestyle; it makes huge influences in your lives.

However, it would be ridiculous to think about the smartphones in such a way that they make your life stupider; they don’t. Smartphones make such improvements in our lives which you can’t even imagine, and it’s not just related to having the Google Calendar alerts so that you don’t forget any event to happen. Here are some unusual benefits which you can avail by using smartphones and improve your way of living.

  1. Smartphone keep you save

While you are walking to your home, alone in the night, and happen to cross the part of the city which is unsafe and dangerous, but you have a tracking device in your hand so you can consider yourself safe from many things. Along with this, there are some apps like bsafe for your personal security which has many features including “Follow Me,” which can trace anyone using GPS and make sure that you reach your destination safely.

  1. Smartphone developed the way of measuring eyesight
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There is a company named eyeNETRA which made NetraG, that is smartphone accessory available at the cost of $2. This is paired up with an app can precisely measure the long-sightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, blurriness, and pupillary distance. 

  1. Smartphones introduced mobile doctors

There are apps like Doctors on Demand, which make the highly qualified doctors available to you through your smartphones, regardless wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

A Harvard professor named George Whitesides has made a small paper chip on which when blood is applied, it produces a brilliant, colorful scheme that can diagnose a various disease like HIV, TB, hepatitis, malaria. This chip shows the results visually in such a way that doctor can diagnose the problem just by looking at their smartphones.

  1. Smartphones are always there for you

You can find smartphones everywhere, and that is a very good thing for handling emergencies. You can use different apps to get various alerts like severe climatic conditions, or any other security risks. Smartphones have tendency to deal with the emergencies intelligently.

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