Free texting, video calls, and voice messages now are in your pocket

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With explosion of smartphones also has come explosion of social applications. WeChat stands out like a practical contender.

Some Wechat Features are…

Free texting, video calls, and voice messages now are in your pocket.

People love WeChat as it's private, fast, reliable, and on always.

Talk quickly on the move with voice message, Crystal clear video and voice calls.

Instant messaging facility with animated smileys and group chats is also available.

Chat with friends or people nearby you.

Sending videos and photos has never been easier than this.

It is always on, no logout, and thus you will never miss any message.

You can also get message alert instantly with the push notifications of this app.

You can share, comment, and like photos of your friends, import your contacts or add friends immediately.

WeChat app is available for iPhone, android devices and all other smartphones.

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