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wechat luxury fashion brands

Today, around 92% of luxury brands run a formal account on WeChat, evidencing that the platform has been embraced en-masse in China. The Digital Luxury Group made a cavernous dive into the deeds of 25 luxury fashion brands, exposing how they have involved WeChat and what the roadmap for upcoming advancement looks like.

Throughout the years, WeChat has advanced considerably. Opening its API and continually progressing new functionality has backed to growing the prospects of digitally dynamic luxury makes. With time, these novel stage services, and the simplicity of linking WeChat to peripheral catalogues, thanks to its API, resulted in WeChat to be regarded as an established service-focused platform.

As well today, two-thirds of the luxury fashion brands lively on WeChat now run a Service Account, a step-up from Subscription Accounts, which are chiefly used by media and news entities. For example, Gucci, recently transitioned its Subscription Account, trailed by thousands of fans, into a novel Service Account to better match its primary content broadcasting deeds. Lately WeChat sanctions to upgrade a profile from Subscription to Service.

According to the percentage of brands involved in WeChat, it is evident that brands are now set to invest in evolving the right resolutions to upkeep their buyer experience but excavating deeper also expresses areas where brands can advance.

Another pertinent illustration is after it comes to O2O (the abbreviation for ‘online-to-offline’, also known as ‘omni-channel’ in the West) and how brands are working to take benefit of WeChat to create a business or at least kindle the act of buying by channeling traffic to both online or offline point of transactions.

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Another major amazement was about the advancement of CRM programs thru WeChat as only 16 percent of the brands examined were providing their customers with choices to join a fidelity program or just to register their account as a client.

wechat fashion brands

Lastly, when studying the recital of the store locator utilities on WeChat, it was realized that only 18 percent offered a service that operated abroad which, when we reason about it, is a state during which a buyer would want even more assistance than when they buy in their home state.

Social CRM and Online have been at the central of most of the considered discussions headed by luxury brands when it embarks on WeChat, but it appears that there is still a journey to go before evolving WeChat schemes for fashion luxury brands that truly goes the direction of the users.

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