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WeChat just added a couple of new feature that are not available in many other messaging apps out there. As of WeChat’s latest version 6.6.0 users will be able to enjoy these new features that are meant to improve the core functions of the messaging app in order for it to be able to attract more users. It is true that these new features and updates are going to be available only for IOS, but that is just for now; it is expected for these updates to be rolled out for Android and Windows shortly.

First of the latest updates that were recently introduced to WeChat users on IPhones is that they now can edit a message that was already sent and received to alter its contents and send it again with the new, corrected and revised text. That feature is, without a doubt, a life savior for countless users who must have faced an awkward situation for sending the wrong message or sending certain content to the wrong person and regretting sending it afterwards.

Another feature now available to WeChat users allows them to have messages saved as images and stored in Favorites with the ability to share them later with friends and other contacts via Moments, the app which is developed and owned by Facebook. In addition to the Moments update, WeChat 6.6.0 enables its users to give labels to messages in order for these messages to be made sticky in the conversation.

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While all the new features and updates are rolled out for IPhones first, this one is the most IPhone-relevant feature of all as the voice calls of WeChat will appear and enable user to answer through the lock screen in case of the IPhone is locked, just like regular phone calls. It is considered the most convenient feature of all the new ones, too, since it ends the suffering of the long process of having to unlock your IPhone, open the WeChat messaging app, and only then you get to answer the voice call, that is of course if you were fast enough or lucky enough to catch the voice call before it ends or the caller gets bored of waiting and hangs up.

The integration for this feature is available for IPhones since IOS 10 via a developer’s kit for IOS called CallKit. The first Chinese app to use this kit was stablemate QQ which is owned by WeChat itself.

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